Friday, September 4, 2009

i only have this to say God is good.
over my brief foray back into comics, i 've realized someting very important. sacrifice. i can make all the excuses i want, or even reasonable arguments in my defense. as to why i haven't been in the industry already. or just making a career in art. but for all those, why now? why things get turned around in my favor. why? hard work? dedication? discipline? all good qualities to have. actually all qualities the Lord encourages. but these alone fall short.

in Genisis, Abraham was tested by God, and was asked to make a sacrifice of his son Isaac. but it wasn't to be, as The angel of The Lord (Jesus) with held Abrahams hand. why? you see God was testing him. he wanted to see how far his faithfulness would go. he wanted Abraham to spell out his sacrifice.

why is all this important, because it's what i was willing to scrifice. i realized my art was very imortant to me, so important my faith in God seemed to get in the way. from my perspective. and as a believer that was a problem. so i made a sacrifice. i put down my drawing pencil and told God, if this is going to come between us, i don't want to draw anymore. it wasn't until some time later, i realized God honored my faithfulness, by having a friend call me and ask me if i'd like passes to SDCC, (San Diego Comic Con).

now as i watch my hard work, dedication, and discipline, come inot the light, i just wanted to share my joy, and thank God for shaping my faithfulness.

be back next week with art.