Friday, November 16, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cry wolf...

hey all, i learned something today. while at work i realized i was spending to much time there. you see even though i had resources at my disposal, i made so poor decisions in exicution. and now i'm paying for it, by staying late, to get the job done on schedule. we do what we have to do... the reason i mention this is, the Lord often tells us to listen to His instruction, so we can avoid "crying wolf". in this case it's a good thing. asking Him for help is something we should always do. but why wait until your knee deep in trouble?

anyway, if i had cried wolf a little earlier, i would probably be posting this hours ago.

may the Lord Bless you..

peace out

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

love and hate...

i love to draw. i hate to work. that term can seem so simple, but when drawing becomes work, do you still love it? you see like most of you, i have a job. i don't hate it, i'd just rather be drawing. but drawing sometimes can feel like a chore. i 'd like to say getting paid to draw would be fun, but again money imposes a...a...hhmmm, i can't find the word. a limitation? certainty? i don't know, money seems to make it more like work, beacause you have to get it done, whether you feel like it or not, now that you're getting paid.

whatever... all i know is if you really love to do something, you do it without being told. like reading the bible. it shouldn't be something you do, i should be something you can't wait to do. so enjoy my lattest efforts of just doing what i love....

peace out

Saturday, November 10, 2007

character scribbles...

sorry, i've been away for a while. work can be a drag, but kids need me more than art. anyway, i was blabbering on about my career choices, and i still haven't made up my mind. i know the Lord is still guideing me, so i have time and i'm sure the choice that is made, will be the right one. moving along here is a scribble from my sketch book. i'll be trying to make sure i post i new one every day. afterall that is why i started this blob. and my webisodes anthology.... enough already, thanks for lookin'.
peace out

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Where's my Mojo..?

you know what? if you don't live, breathe, and sometimes bleed art, it's hard to find inspiration. i mean i can make all kind of reasons to carry on at my job, but when i come home i have to spend hours cruising the internet or whatching tv, just to get some inspiration to pick up a pencil. and usually by then i'm to tired to draw. and then this past sunday, while i was sitting in church, it hit me. practice, practice, practice. it's something Pastor Miles said " why you don't ask to pray for someone while they're standing there with you? it's because you're afraid. but's that's no excuse..." what he's was eluding to is, if you love Jesus, you'll put your fears aside tell someone about the gospel, or just pray with them. because the more you do it, the better you become. practice, practice, practice.

and that's why i think my mojo is so hard to find. what little i draw, i struggle because i don't practice basic fundemantal drawing techniques enough. i mean if you're going to paint a masterpiece, you better at least know how to get the paint out of the tube. so her they are staerting with heads...

peace out

Sunday, November 4, 2007

More than meets the eye...?

i remeber this scene from the movie "The Ten Commandments" were moses steps up to the red sea, raises his staff, turns to the isrealites and says, " Now witness the power of God..." and then the red sea parted. what got me thinking was all the things that lead up to that moment. i mean all the things in moses life, that had to fall in to place, in order for him to part the red sea and lead the hebrews to safety. it started way back when pharoh heard of the prophecy among the hebrew slaves, of a savior sent by God to free them. he then sent out his guards to kill every hebrew male child of age two and under. this seeming to be wise i pharoh's eye's, set in motion a chain of events that brought the prophecy of the hebrew slaves to fulfillment.

why am i telling you this?

well i was thinking of all the things that had to line up, to get me to my appointment with the school. you see i work days, and the only time he could see me was, yup, days. but low and behold, The Lord steps in, i finish one job, go out of town, which was great, got to do some soul searching, came back, and the only job for me was at night. uh huh, guess who called the next day, the school. they were wondering if my schedule had changed, so they could get me in to go over the calsses in more detail. hold up did you just see what happened? i started to think about changing some things in my life, prayed and BLAM!!! things got turned upside down for me, just so i could get the ball rolling. WOW....

so, the meetng with the school went well. all in all, it was just mostly brochure stuff, and of course showing the bottom line( the cost), which still wasn't bad. actually quite affordable. i got a good vibe from them, which is probably what they're supposed to do, but it felt guenuine. ( again probably doing thier jobs, well ) they gave a tour, i got to meet some of the instructors, and they were cool people as well. but it wasn't until i left, that all of this hit me. how everything seemed to line up to get me there... hhhmm. more than meets the eye...?

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways aknolegde him, and he will make your paths straight."

Pslams 3:5-6

peace out

Friday, November 2, 2007

midnight burn...

tomorrows a big day. well not that big. i called up a college to inquire about returning to school. the choices were, netwroking tech, or graphic design. you see i'm in a pinch, do i pursue a skill that will enhance in my already 9-to-5 job of cable tech? or do i throw caution to the wind and take up my first love of art, and boldy go in a new direction for my life?

catch, i'm 35 and getting older. i have a family to support, and i can't afford to throw caution to the wind. but i still have this burning desire to pursue my art as a career. i'm probaly dragging this out, but the other consideration is, money... no matter which i choose, it's going to cost money, and time. both of which i do not have a lot of. this is starting to sound familiar... like as an artist you need time and money, but both don't always seem to meet, which presents a challenge. practicality or dream. what to do?

either way i love the Lord, and i'm going to lean on him so he can guide me. after all, he put He put the talent an dreams in me. so why not let Him show me what to do with them?

i'm tired...

peace out