Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Where's my Mojo..?

you know what? if you don't live, breathe, and sometimes bleed art, it's hard to find inspiration. i mean i can make all kind of reasons to carry on at my job, but when i come home i have to spend hours cruising the internet or whatching tv, just to get some inspiration to pick up a pencil. and usually by then i'm to tired to draw. and then this past sunday, while i was sitting in church, it hit me. practice, practice, practice. it's something Pastor Miles said " ...do why you don't ask to pray for someone while they're standing there with you? it's because you're afraid. but's that's no excuse..." what he's was eluding to is, if you love Jesus, you'll put your fears aside tell someone about the gospel, or just pray with them. because the more you do it, the better you become. practice, practice, practice.

and that's why i think my mojo is so hard to find. what little i draw, i struggle because i don't practice basic fundemantal drawing techniques enough. i mean if you're going to paint a masterpiece, you better at least know how to get the paint out of the tube. so her they are staerting with heads...

peace out

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