Monday, January 11, 2010

Back From Reality, into the Dream...

when i last posted here i was prepareing for the holidays and adjusting to life without a stable income. well the holidays are over, and i'm still adjusting to an unstable income. listing all the miracles that have taken hold of my family, and being able to be led through all the...noise, we collect in just a year, is more infromation than i want to type. however, God has a sense of humor, He loves me. and like His child he wants the best for me. (actually in the beginig he us the world.) but still i've been unable to pay my rent for over four months now and i still have roof over my head. because He comes through when i need Him. everytime.

now, as for the noise. it's all the things we get "distracted" with that we think are important, but are not. and because of that noise we miss things. oppurtunities, family, friends and just wasting our time from enjoying life. so i took some time before christmas to tune out that noise. and i began to see my life is going in different direction. granted i stepped out on faith, of a prayer i've been asking for the last 2 or 3 years ago, but it was still on faith. so there was no way i could see how the "dream" i had, of using my talents to earn a living for my family, could come to life. but again, God has a plan. it was by any human terms, " ARE YOU COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR MIND!", type of plan. but when stars and planets form at the sound of your voice. and you can mold people from clay. hey, it's your plan. go for it.

so the run down, for those of you that believe, be encouraged to trust in the Lord. whatever it is he will see you through. for those that don't. i used to be where you are. and even where you are you're still His perfect creation, and He is still calling you to come home to Him.

peace out