Monday, February 28, 2011


Heard about the new Thudercats remake coming out from cartoon network. so i made my own LionO.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Process and n' Changes

After all this time, there is still much i have to learn. during a bout of more than short term unemployment, i knew things would not stay so bleak. i struggled, gained, lost and even struggled some more. but through it all i remained stead fast grounded in my faith. it wasn't always easy to see the forest through the trees', but what i learned is i was never lost. My guide, the Word, always reminded me that this is what you would face, just for believing in me, but do you trust me enough to know I am with you always, to guide you through the fire? the answer was yes. with that knowledge i began to prepare myself for the time i would have to do the things i ejnjoy doing the most. the images below are what i've been doing in that time.

Alen Tew. thank you. Not for being a greatest artist that ever lived. Not even for calling me up and being my bud (Alan did not call, we don't know one another) but simply being transparent enough to share some simple techniques, film it and post the "tutorial" on you site for me to find. Simply being yourself and hearing your thought process, allowed me to not only understand what you were doing, but also to apply it, and make it my own. in other words, even when you didn't know if any of it would be of any use, you still "passed the information along", and maybe some one else would find some use from it. most of the time as artists, that's all we need to do, pass the information along. the Bible speaks, "...Knowledge not shared, is useless...". Thanks again for sharing Alan.

David Finch. has done me a favor in which he will never know my gratitude. Hands. they are the most difficult things to reproduce with lines, and the most essential. most of communication is done with the face and hands, but even to the un-artistic eye can tell when they are not quite right. David goes beyond just drawing them, but laying down the "journey" of brining it all together. When drawing hands, or anything for that matter, it can get complicated on where to start, or what to leave out. Davids simply breaking down the hands into shapes that look so natural it's unbelievable. It's easy to tell somebody to "study anatomy" but being able to translate that from lines into a likeness of hands, is another thing altogether. Thank you David for helping me sharpen my skills, and building that bridge from point A to B.

peace out