Saturday, November 14, 2009

issue #1 glimpse...

well i got some time to settle into things and crank it up. why so long? i had the pages set up to where i'd be doing the inks. so there was no need to tighten them up. well that is now out the window, as we have now pulled in a legit' pen-men. so i went back and tightened up. i posted the roughs a while ago. but if you scroll down they should be visible. on another note i find more often that i think God is very good, he opened some doors for us, that got some more signings and apperences lined up. to soon to spill the beans, but Erik is good at makin' things happen. but all in His time. now pages 1,2 are done. i have something special for the big blank area in page 3. more on that later. on with the show.....

peace out

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Faction Siging....!!!

That was definately awesome. Southern California Comics is the supreme gem when looking for a place to buy comics. it sets a standard that i will measure all shops from now on. Jamie, (the owner) welcomed us with open arms from the jump. he's a guy that encourages creators to participate in more endevors like this. and i couldn't agree more.

i also was finally a great honor to finally meet Michael "Hammer" Hamersky in person. he was also kind enough to post us up on his blog ComicBookCollectorsBlog, thanks again Michael. and speking of meetings, can you believe after six months of texting, emails, and phone calls, this is actualy the first time Erik and i have met face to face. yeah. in this age of the of technilogy, it's more common, but we only live less than an hour away from one another. but hey we got to get a good handle for one another, i just think email can be so impersonal sometimes, and the one on one interaction between another human can be lost. we weer actually were supposed to meet at SDCC, but i was knee deep in work and projects, so it couldn't be helped.

however thanks to eveyone that chatted with us, and even bought a book or two. i hope to see you all agin soon. and please, tell a friend.

peace out

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Faction Signing...!!

yes it's finally here our first signing, at Southern California Comics! copies of Faction #0, winner of Small Press Idol 2009, will be available. come by and meet me, the artist, and Erik Hendrix the creator/writer, from 11am-5pm.
Southern California Comics
8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, #124
San Diego, CA, 92111
(858) 715-8669
hope to see you there.
peace out

Monday, November 2, 2009

working the night....

draw night that is. i forgot to post my second encounter at our regular draw night spot. not much to share except Jim Lee seems to be the measure in which we compare everything to. and relationships (specifically marrige) in reguards to how we make them work and still get time to draw. the skinny is, it takes work, on both parties. some couples belive it's dating on steroids. nothing could be further from the truth. "marrige is work". the phrase ' the honeymoons over" is absolutely correct. but it doesn't mean, you have to be misarable. a wiseman once said " if you find something you love to do, you'll never work another day in your life". in the frame of marrige, if you love her, you should be willing to work at being happy in a marrige. but since it is someone you love, it shouldn't "feel" like work. Ephesians 5:25

for me and my wife, the Lord is the ahcnor in our marrige. in other words, if you want to know how something works? ask the manufacturer. ;)

scribles, and doodles.....
heads and torsos. if you do the them well all is forgiven. the profile was an excersise to work on the sternomastoid muscle, which connects to the skull behind the ear, to the callor bone. and the trapizius. also i wanted to work on the proporsions of the face, as they relate to the positions on the skull. still needs work but the important thing is, i wanted to clean up my anatomy, to improve my forms.
the torso, or just upper body. i sketched out first, then went back to reference and defined the muscles in relation to one another. the result helped me clearly see where i'm "making things up" and where i can impove my proportioning. but as you can see i'm working my way down. over all, i'm improving the forms, by learning the muscles, and finding the shapes in them. the key to it all, proportions
these are just some warm ups. getting the hand loose. focusing in on the basics.

hope you enjoyed these.
peace out

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Life is distracting. for art at least. do you realize it takes a good 20 to 30 minutes, for me, just to get warmed up to draw. and in that time i never, NEVER, get to string more than 2 or 3 of them together. and by the time i get back to drawing, 2 hours have passed, i'm thoroughly frustrated by the inability to understand, why kids need to tell me that thier sibling is touching them. and to top it off, we still have practacies, and dinner , baths, homework, juice, oh for the love of God don't forget the juice, we would die without it. we needs precious (juice).
so i came up with this.... it's still mostly unfinished however, i had some problems with his arm on the third panel. not completly satisfied, so i moved on and completed his hand. also roughed in the shawdows that were cast. i left out the backgrounds because i'm not etirely sure how to approach them. and when i don't have clear idea, i just go on to the next page until inspiration hits, or i get tired of looking at nothing behind him. the same can be said for panel one. in the second panel, i tried creating the effect that he was being realesed by the light, and it's intensity was fading away. don't know if accomplished that, but the ink and color will tell. another fore thought on my decisions is, in the Zero issue of Faction, i was introdced to Mikes coloring style. and i noticed he a more "painted" approach to his work. so with that in mind, i could be a better idea to leave instructions as to what i was thinking, and leave a lot of space for Mike to do his thing.

the next page is even less complete, but just as i started to darw, i realized i had to toss it. you see i made some panels to big, and others to small. so Erik asked me to resize the layouts, before i started on the second page, so all the lettering would fit. but i got tossed for time and didn't transfer the changes to the art board. i wasn't mad, i felt like an idiot for jumping the gun, because i knew time is percious to me. i could've avoided all that, if i had sent the layouts "sooner". either way i was struggling with one of the characters, Neko. i hadn't drawn a sketch of him. which created another stopping point. i don't like creating on the fly so went back to the character descriptions, and put the first image that came to mind, on paper. Erik approved, but secretly, i think he would've taken a sketch of Charlie Brown, as long as i was drawnig the pages. LOL. but in panel 2 and 3, i'm not likin' the way Acker turned out. but i moved on cause i needed to get to the rest of the page. panel 4, neko's face is to short and just off. i'll revisit that before i ink.

that leaves this page.... what page you may ask? exactly. the script called for a series of facial expressions as Neko recounted his memeories for Acker. i had the brilliant idea of creating an colauge of Nekos' tales as spots and misty dreams, to create something that might be visiaualy dynamic. well yeah, should have stuck to the script, because i created more work for myself. however, if it makes Faction a better presentation, i'm all in. now i did start on the first panel because when i sat down to do the secoand page, realized my debacle, and moved on. but like a said i hadn't done a sketch of Neko at this point. not much here either. but after i did one, i roughed out that first panel, of neko and Acker, leaving the "awekening" chamber, as the entrance begins to seal itself off.

so enjoy these for now, and i'll get back with more updates, as time permits.
peace out

Friday, October 9, 2009


i finally gettin' back to it with the rough pencils for issue #1. and then i stopped because i realized i hadn't done any sketches, zero, nada, zip, of the other charcater that appears in the first five pages. so this is Neko....
the jury is still out on the official version, (erik) but at least the fondation is on paper. so'll continue to give updates as i work them out.

now as for the pages, here's the roughs for page one. as i get into the inks i'll do a recap of each page, from scipt to finish.

enjoy the updates i'll be back soon
peace out

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Working Back...

at being lazy. i hate my job sometimes. but i like paying my bills. been trying to get mt stuff together, but it's been murder. but i finally got a break and was able to hook up with some friends, get out of the house, and just draw. friends you say? yes Deth and Fig, who i just call josh, and D. hit me up and asked if i'd like to join them for a few hours at starbucks and draw. it's something we talked about at the 2007 SDCC, but i never was around for it. (work again) however Josh and D have been hitting it off in my absense, and the duo has become a trio. hopefully it could become a full on art jam here in SDCC city. so until we can hook up again i had a great time, and i must thank D for rockin' the "art rock star" look, and gettin us some free latte's YEA!!! and even if they don't know, the awesome ladys at Satrbucks for hookin' up the pastries. thanks again ladies. and to Josh for trackin' me down and never stop fightin' for the dream.

Faction, fianlly i've been able to get things right and start gettin'g back into these characters. as any artist knows, on, off, on, off, and on again is akiller for creative juices. and that's where i'v been. i needed some stability and i got it back, today. and i was able to crank this out.
this is Zephan, one of the "Enlightened Knights" of Faction. i could ramble on about who he is and what he does, but you'd be better served going to his, as well as my new home,, to get the details. and while your there harass Erik. he likes it. lol

now let me show you some scribbles of book one.

enjoy and see you soon .
peace out

Friday, September 4, 2009

i only have this to say God is good.
over my brief foray back into comics, i 've realized someting very important. sacrifice. i can make all the excuses i want, or even reasonable arguments in my defense. as to why i haven't been in the industry already. or just making a career in art. but for all those, why now? why things get turned around in my favor. why? hard work? dedication? discipline? all good qualities to have. actually all qualities the Lord encourages. but these alone fall short.

in Genisis, Abraham was tested by God, and was asked to make a sacrifice of his son Isaac. but it wasn't to be, as The angel of The Lord (Jesus) with held Abrahams hand. why? you see God was testing him. he wanted to see how far his faithfulness would go. he wanted Abraham to spell out his sacrifice.

why is all this important, because it's what i was willing to scrifice. i realized my art was very imortant to me, so important my faith in God seemed to get in the way. from my perspective. and as a believer that was a problem. so i made a sacrifice. i put down my drawing pencil and told God, if this is going to come between us, i don't want to draw anymore. it wasn't until some time later, i realized God honored my faithfulness, by having a friend call me and ask me if i'd like passes to SDCC, (San Diego Comic Con).

now as i watch my hard work, dedication, and discipline, come inot the light, i just wanted to share my joy, and thank God for shaping my faithfulness.

be back next week with art.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Faction: Dreaming in reality....

WOW it's here. in the flesh and living.So to everyone that shown such great support for Faction, THANK YOU!
i always wondered what it would be like to have people reviewing your work, and actually buying it. and now i have both. a very big concern of mine, of how people would recieve what i do. looking at it from my perspective, i'm my own worst critic, but what artist isn't.
but it's out there, for all the world to see, with all it's great points and it's flaws. and i'm pleased. because i've finally gotten over a hump i'd only Dreamed about. but it wasn't without a lot of "helpful" nudging form Erik.

Now on with real deal, check what people are saying about it, and if you can show you love and vote with your wallet. because that's the only to win round 4 of SPI. and before you leave, tell somebody else. and ask them, including yourself, "is this a book you would want to see on the comic shelf?"

$2 for the PDF download and $3.50 for the printed version.


OR go to your local comic book store and give them the below retailer information, explaining that you want them to carry the book and, well, hopefully they will! Make sure they place their orders ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 31st!

RETAILERS - There are two ways to get copies to your store.
1. Order from Haven directly by going to, sign up, send a mail to Haven requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction to order. All orders must be turned in for Faction on or before AUGUST 31st! Issues will deliver in September.
2. Order from DimeStore directly by going to, sign up, send an email to DimeStore requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction DSP-I09-F0. Issues will deliver in September.

Also visit faction at,
or visit Erik at

peace out

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Faction Issue 0 - Now on sale!!!

hey everyone, the day has come! Round 4 of the Small Press Idol has begun! Faction 0 is officially on sale through and also through Haven (for retailers). Below are some of the instructions on how to get a copy, but i'm very excited that we got our first review already, too! Thanks to!

The three pages you're allowed to see for now are above plus the cover... enjoy!
Now remember the saying " vote with your wallet" well that's what this round is all about. vote for the book you want to see on the shelf.
FANS - There are two ways for fans to get Faction Zero.

1. Order direct - Look up Faction, or item DSP-I09-F0. You can download for $2.00 or purchase the printed version for $3.50 plus postage BEFORE AUGUST 31st!
2. Go to your local comic book store and give them the below retailer information, explaining that you want them to carry the book and, well, hopefully they will! Make sure they place their orders ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 31st!

RETAILERS - There are two ways to get copies to your store.

1. Order from Haven directly by going to, sign up, send a mail to Haven requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction to order. All orders must be turned in for Faction on or before AUGUST 31st! Issues will deliver in September.
2. Order from DimeStore directly by going to, sign up, send an email to DimeStore requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction DSP-I09-F0. Issues will deliver in September. PRINT COPY -


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Annnnndddd I'm Back!

WOW! SDCC was great. i t was the best show to date( so i've heard..) here let me share with you how i spent it.

all the cables, who can tame it it all?

ah there he is, makin' the most of the con. arts and crafts are fun.
who made that look so pretty?

there's that guy again, turnin' that frown upsidedown. yeah comic con! i love it!
well He's got a plan, and i needed to take care of the family, so sacrifices had to be made. but at least the family enjoyed themselves.
peace out

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

lost in the chaos

the deadline to round four is fast approaching, (july 12th) and i'm working like a madman to complete what we have. however i needed the break from me blog to recharge, and oh work. things don't always go as planned, but you make due and move forward. but until i can post more stuff, and see ya'll at SDCC, he is some more L&J goodness

peace out

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Small Press Idol, round 4!!!!

We are in there!

Thanks to all the supporters, and votes, Faction was catipulted into round 4 of the SPI contest. which means we'll be back to compete for the Title, the $$, and the Publishing deal. well read for yourself;

ROUND FOUR: Origin or #0 issue. Deadline: July 15th. This is where we bring everything home. The complete 12 page B+W (Grayscaled) story will be due, the finished COVER art, in CMYK color, with a LOGO for the series, will be compiled with all the other preliminary sketches and writings, into a special IDOL VOTE #0 issue of the title (so it would be Joe's Comic Idol Vote #0, and Jane's Comic Idol Vote #0, etc) - and the WINNER will be the title that sells the best. We will determine the standings in a number of ways, as we are selling the issues in new ways this year. Each person that orders one or more copies will be counted. Each Retailer that orders copies either Through Haven Distribution, or through a contestant (Dimestore has made an exclusive deal with Haven for the Idol #0's this year, and retailers will be asked to order through them if they contact us direct - however, as individual team members can order copies at 50%, if they are doing the leg work to a local store that does NOT order through Haven directly, can set that up with us and it will count), will be counted. AND, the Total Number of Copies Sold, whether to individuals or retailers, will be totaled. These 3 numbers will then be AVERAGED for a points score. Winner gets the Grand Prize.

Voting be announced and run for the time period from when the books are solicited through Haven, till we get the orders back in from them. It is our intention to get progress reports along the way on sales from Haven so we can reflect them in standings

so stay posted here, as well as these links for updates, leading up to Round 4, on july 15th;
Faction home
SPI at Dimestore

peace out

Monday, June 8, 2009

Breakin' it Down

I've neglected my little Blog, and i still can't find eric canete's either. but i have founf the the lord is far more infanitley wise than myself. and has made provision in these hard times. but i've lead a blessed life and it seems his plan for me is unfoldong before our eyes....

so, in my absense, i've been deeply involved in the 3rd round of the Small Press Idol contest. and it appears Faction, Erik and myself, are looking to have made it into the 4th round. but it's not over yet. the 4th round is all about "SALES", yup if you want see it published, then it's a vote with your wallet round. now the voting polls are closed. but you can still keep us bookmarked, as we post our updates as we move into the next round. the site for faction is were we'll have all the compiled story and characters available. but for now i'm going to post the Page 7 progression from thumb to finish.

and later check back for all the commentary Erik and i had, for a panel by panel break down of Faction. enjoy.

peace out

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Goodness..

i have another sketch for Faction. but i won't forget why i'm able to do it. The Lord has a plan. and the more i sit back and think about it, the more far fetched it seems. nd i just wantto take the time to sy , "thank you Lord, for not giving up on me, and for beleiveing in me when i didn't. thank you".


peace out

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The Lord has plan, i don't know what it is, but he has a plan. i 've always believed when it was time for me to leave my, then current job, The Lord would make that clear to me. so this has been a starnge time for me. being laid off, having everything just fall into place, between Erik and myself, also not seeming to want for money, of food. i've been extremely blessed, and i can honestly say he is in control. so why worry. but now i'm on a new journey, well maybe an old one, just renewed. and it has always been in his timing. i think it's my time now to share this gift He gave me, and tell as many people as i can about Him. the simple answer is, had i started this journey many years ago, i could with out a doubt, say i wouldn't know him at all. and probably be miserable.....

now i've been elusive because i've been working here and there, and helping out at home. but i've also been busy in working of Faction for SPI contest over at Dimestore. and getting to know the characters a little better. so with SDCC being right around the corner, and Faction making a push to be in round four. i've got a lot o work to do. 12 pages may not seem like much. but ask any artist, you procrastinate, and the deadline is staring you in da' face.

also BIG THANK YOU to Amber, Michael and Tina at Sky High Comics, in San Marcos, for inviting Erik to the art show, thier support of Faction, and letting my art be seen....

Also, as usual, if you know of anyone, have a spouse able to vote, inlaws, kids living away from home, sentient animals, or whatever, please ask them to sign up and vote, too! :)

2. Sign in
4. Click "Yes - As a fellow creator I support this" or "Yes - I am a fan and want to read more".
5. Click "Submit"That's it!

If you'd like to check out the sequentials, you can download them by clicking on the Faction logo in the round 3 forum, look at the images on the Faction FaceBook Group.

peace out

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


okay i've been silent with the art as of late, and there is a reason. what you see below are three of twleve pages, of a colaborative effort between my new coleauge and fast becoming friend Erik Hendrix. we met online and soon started to colaborate on one of his other ideas. but after some time Erik's original artist in the Small Press Idol contest over at dime store, was unable to continue, and asked me to step in. and after some sleepless nights, and making Erik nervous wreck, i managed to sqeak these out between working full time and taking care of my family (wife, 5 kids). the kicker, i had not had any time with these characters, or the story, until Erik sent me the script, over a week ago. and bam, i just went into it and GOT IT DONE.

Ok, and we're off!!!! Voting is open for Faction. Even while the judges are voting, fans can get votes in. Remember, one vote per day per project... If you don't see the voting option, you're not signed in. If you want to see the actual pages, click on the Faction logo (based on the screen shot below) and download it from the DimeStoreDistro... The pages look AMAZING!Go here:

And look for the below... Click on "Yes - As a fellow creator I support this " or "Yes - I am a fan and want to read more " and then Click "Submit" and you're done! If you have voted successfully, it will show a new screen with the current voting results.

so you like what you see? help erik and i reach the end, and VOTE.
but this is not the end, i'll be doing the whole zero issue, and quite possibly beyond. but lets not put the cart before the horse. i'm just gong to take it one page at a time and see where it goes.
peace out


Ok, and we're off!!!! Voting is open for Faction. Even while the judges are voting, fans can get votes in. Remember, one vote per day per project... If you don't see the voting option, you're not signed in. If you want to see the actual pages, click on the Faction logo (based on the screen shot below) and download it from the DimeStoreDistro... The pages look AMAZING!

Go here:

And look for the below... Click on "Yes - As a fellow creator I support this " or "Yes - I am a fan and want to read more " and then Click "Submit" and you're done! If you have voted successfully, it will show a new screen with the current voting results.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Guiding Light....

i've a miss in my duties. i've been so busy i forgot what other uses this blog has. long story short i met writer, Erik, some time ago, we talked, and now we are collaborating together. things change, i didn't know if i was ready to start doing sequential pages again, but after some encouragement form friends, and a lot of prayer, and waitng on The Lord, i believe he has opend up the doors. and now i'm knee deep in a scamper, for a deadline on the 18th. read the details on Eriks blog. now, working a full time job and raising 5 kids witha loving wife, (thanks honey) is time consuming. very time consuming. but as the Lord would have it, he knows what he's doing.
i however am clueless. but faith is how i walk, by His Word. His Will. His Promise. for His glory.

me, i'm just an artist with a gift. a gift He gave me. and i'm learning what it means to share it. but to give Him glory. what does that mean? it means i realized some yease ago, i had a whole different set of choices, i never knew existed. an because of them life is less frustrating, less disappointing, and less shallow. but it's not a free pass. it's a way of life, a different one. or rather the one we were all meant to walk.

i'm walking now, but He guides me in the direction. maybe some of you might what to know the same? it's not hard......

pace out

Monday, May 11, 2009

the late page

sorry the delay, but couldn't find the file. here it is. a lot of this was inspired by alan davis's work. i really admired what he was doing on excalibar at that time. but, i was, and still am, a far cry for what he can do. later brian hitch got into the act, and widesceen comics is what i aimed for with later issues. L&J was meant to be presented that way. larger than life, like a jerry bruckhiemer production. you not like him, but makes movies look awesome for widescreen.


peace out

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just doin' it

if you don't know how to ink, it will show. so i'm learning on the job. never let it be said that i have skill with a pen. it's a skill i've been neglecting for some time. it takes time to become adiquate with it, much more to be proficient. with advent of the digital age, and the WACOM, it seems to be a diminishing artform. which is why i choose to learn on pen a paper, and then translate those skills to WACOM. digital makes it easier, not a better artist. i've learned, and seen, that someone that cannot draw the human form, will only turn out a well rendered/painted poorly drawn human form, illustration.

so rather than take a short cut, and there are none, i cut my teeth at learning with pen and paper, to enhance what i will be able to do with WACOM. for now, i'm content to make mistakes, and learn from them.

peace out

Monday, May 4, 2009

21st century is here

My first wacom!

i've used one before, a graphire, but it was a friends, so that one doesn't count. now that i have one, i don't know how i got along without one for so long. i'd speculate to say, drawing was only a hobby, not so long ago. and having one was luxury. but now with a new vision, drive and ambition to make this hobby a serious career, it was time. now to most not so big a deal, but do remeber the first time wacom came into your life? yeah, it's like that for me. and i don't think it'll be the same again.....

also, the sketchs are on hiatus for now. as i'm collaborating on developing a new project, and doing character designs for another. so i'll try to entertain with some old sketchs that i refreshed with wacom. so inks, color...whater comes down the pike.

well gotta get back to drawin'. i'll post the next installment of L&J this wednesday, and a few other things, between now and then.

peace out

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"I can give it to you ,but what cha' gon' do wit it??"

ohboy i'm lovin' life. the economy has fianally reached my doorstep and i'm feelin' the stress, but am i worried? nope. the Lord said "....I will provide for all your needs..." and he hasn't let me down yet. i can say though i hate going through the process of not having enough in the bank to cover my bills. but "faith" not tested, is like buying a computer, and never taking it out of the box. simply put, by His word, It's not my problem. oh it's wise to get a job, or get two. to even save your money and cut back on expenses. but the point is, turn to Him "first", then trust in Him to guide your actions. (faith)

anyway, that page was done on the fly, i ran into a mind freeze as to what to do with the background. i got so focused on the character, i forgot the put in the background. so left it alone, thinking i would just fill it in with black. then my partner vince took care of the rest.... ant BLAM! photoshop 5 to the rescue..

peace out

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Page three..

it's wednesday, time for the next installment. i usually have something to say but i don't. i will say for those of you that don't know theses are pages Vince i created back in the day. and since they never got into print, i'm sharing them with the world (all three of you). so enjoy this little piece of our history.

peace out

Sunday, April 12, 2009

90_ minute sessions

where are my manners. i tied up and let things slide. here are doodles i was working on. no they didn't actually take me 90 minutes, but this is what i produced "in " that session. the i fell asleep. enjoy.
also it's Easter!! or Resurection day. the day jesus said he would rise from the dead. most people don't believe that, and i myself was among them. but consider these three things
1) the jewish leaders of the temple, paid the roman guards to make up a story, and tell everyone his disciples stole the body while they were asleep. the temple leaders needed Jesus to stay dead, so the people would not believe he was The Messiah.

2) the romans needed Jesus to stay dead, so as not to cause another uprising form the Jewish leaders. pauchus piolt's head would have been on a silver platter, before ceasar, if this had happed.

3) the disciples did not have the influence, money, or moitive to remove Jesus's body from the tomb. even if they had taken it, the rewards were a life of persicution, and death by tourture.

but they all agree on one thing, "the tomb was empty". to this day, no know has ever presented any type of evidence of his body. i wonder why?
but wheter you believe me or not, is cool. i just want to encourage you to find that person that does go to church, or that certain someoe that's been prying for you ,or even give the going to church another chance, maybe you need to find another church, i don't know. my point is if you have questions find some one or somehwere, to ask them.

happy resurecction day.
peace out