Thursday, October 29, 2009


Life is distracting. for art at least. do you realize it takes a good 20 to 30 minutes, for me, just to get warmed up to draw. and in that time i never, NEVER, get to string more than 2 or 3 of them together. and by the time i get back to drawing, 2 hours have passed, i'm thoroughly frustrated by the inability to understand, why kids need to tell me that thier sibling is touching them. and to top it off, we still have practacies, and dinner , baths, homework, juice, oh for the love of God don't forget the juice, we would die without it. we needs precious (juice).
so i came up with this.... it's still mostly unfinished however, i had some problems with his arm on the third panel. not completly satisfied, so i moved on and completed his hand. also roughed in the shawdows that were cast. i left out the backgrounds because i'm not etirely sure how to approach them. and when i don't have clear idea, i just go on to the next page until inspiration hits, or i get tired of looking at nothing behind him. the same can be said for panel one. in the second panel, i tried creating the effect that he was being realesed by the light, and it's intensity was fading away. don't know if accomplished that, but the ink and color will tell. another fore thought on my decisions is, in the Zero issue of Faction, i was introdced to Mikes coloring style. and i noticed he a more "painted" approach to his work. so with that in mind, i could be a better idea to leave instructions as to what i was thinking, and leave a lot of space for Mike to do his thing.

the next page is even less complete, but just as i started to darw, i realized i had to toss it. you see i made some panels to big, and others to small. so Erik asked me to resize the layouts, before i started on the second page, so all the lettering would fit. but i got tossed for time and didn't transfer the changes to the art board. i wasn't mad, i felt like an idiot for jumping the gun, because i knew time is percious to me. i could've avoided all that, if i had sent the layouts "sooner". either way i was struggling with one of the characters, Neko. i hadn't drawn a sketch of him. which created another stopping point. i don't like creating on the fly so went back to the character descriptions, and put the first image that came to mind, on paper. Erik approved, but secretly, i think he would've taken a sketch of Charlie Brown, as long as i was drawnig the pages. LOL. but in panel 2 and 3, i'm not likin' the way Acker turned out. but i moved on cause i needed to get to the rest of the page. panel 4, neko's face is to short and just off. i'll revisit that before i ink.

that leaves this page.... what page you may ask? exactly. the script called for a series of facial expressions as Neko recounted his memeories for Acker. i had the brilliant idea of creating an colauge of Nekos' tales as spots and misty dreams, to create something that might be visiaualy dynamic. well yeah, should have stuck to the script, because i created more work for myself. however, if it makes Faction a better presentation, i'm all in. now i did start on the first panel because when i sat down to do the secoand page, realized my debacle, and moved on. but like a said i hadn't done a sketch of Neko at this point. not much here either. but after i did one, i roughed out that first panel, of neko and Acker, leaving the "awekening" chamber, as the entrance begins to seal itself off.

so enjoy these for now, and i'll get back with more updates, as time permits.
peace out

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