Monday, November 2, 2009

working the night....

draw night that is. i forgot to post my second encounter at our regular draw night spot. not much to share except Jim Lee seems to be the measure in which we compare everything to. and relationships (specifically marrige) in reguards to how we make them work and still get time to draw. the skinny is, it takes work, on both parties. some couples belive it's dating on steroids. nothing could be further from the truth. "marrige is work". the phrase ' the honeymoons over" is absolutely correct. but it doesn't mean, you have to be misarable. a wiseman once said " if you find something you love to do, you'll never work another day in your life". in the frame of marrige, if you love her, you should be willing to work at being happy in a marrige. but since it is someone you love, it shouldn't "feel" like work. Ephesians 5:25

for me and my wife, the Lord is the ahcnor in our marrige. in other words, if you want to know how something works? ask the manufacturer. ;)

scribles, and doodles.....
heads and torsos. if you do the them well all is forgiven. the profile was an excersise to work on the sternomastoid muscle, which connects to the skull behind the ear, to the callor bone. and the trapizius. also i wanted to work on the proporsions of the face, as they relate to the positions on the skull. still needs work but the important thing is, i wanted to clean up my anatomy, to improve my forms.
the torso, or just upper body. i sketched out first, then went back to reference and defined the muscles in relation to one another. the result helped me clearly see where i'm "making things up" and where i can impove my proportioning. but as you can see i'm working my way down. over all, i'm improving the forms, by learning the muscles, and finding the shapes in them. the key to it all, proportions
these are just some warm ups. getting the hand loose. focusing in on the basics.

hope you enjoyed these.
peace out

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