Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the style continues

i 'm flirting with a more animated style with this one. i actually envision this becoming an animated series. but that's just Dreaming...for now. and in the meantime i'm becoming comfortable with the use of inks. granted, i have no idea of what i'm doing but, i've got to start some where, and learn at some point.

Merry CHRISTmas

peace out

Sunday, December 21, 2008

roll with it...

sometimes no matter how much you try, no what you may want, even if things aren't perfect. sometimes you just have to roll with it. i've been puting this character off for far to long. and it's all because i've been trying to find the "perfect" design for him. but in my attept from beating my head against the wall, there is no perfect design. so, i've decided to roll with it. i'm going to let the character develope as i go, and that's that. besides i think some of the best charcaters are watching them as they go through a trial and error phase.

peace out

Friday, December 19, 2008

90 minute... sorta'

well this didn't take me 90 minutes, but it's the begining of an exercise. i'm going to spend 90 minutes on sketchs/designs from pencil to ink, and whatever it is after time expires, i'm done and i move on to the next sketch. this however is about 20 minutes into the process. so i've got 70 minutes left to put into it. i would have done it in one setting, but it's rather difficult when you have " what cha doin daddy?..." every 5 minutes. and BTW i couldn't scan the whole thing in so when i finish it, it'll be a lot bigger.
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peace out

Monday, December 8, 2008


well after a long delay, from out of town work, i've made it back to my trusty scanner. this is kinda' of a warm up, but it serves it's purpose. with this i was working out some things with my shading. i got a little unfocused with the with the details and line work, so i stopped in mid draw and started the tone work. c u later this week with more.
peace out

Friday, November 21, 2008

Around We Go...

and here i am again. no pics, just words. i was working out of town, for my real job, and returned home. then went back out of town, again, and this time i left my scanner at home.

so, in a nut shell, i will be returning to posting pics again on December, 8, 2008. please mark that date, because the pics and a few surprises are pilling up. so i'll see ya'll then.

peace out

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Skill set...

returning to a new/old skill set...
my art always needs to progress, but i feel its just as important to expand my skills beyond penciling. i usually draw original character designs, but i find learnng a new skill set, with characters you're still exploring can compound the difficulty. with existing characters, like Dukoo, i can push aside how they look because it's already established. then i can get to what's important, learning something new. so there it is. after working for 14 straight days, doing twelve hour shifts. this is what i got...

it's like being a disciple, in order to follow the Lord, you have to push aside what you "think" you know.

"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. . . ."

Matthew 28:19

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Night on the town..

this is an interesting character design. the idea got sparked when we talked abut life and death. how all our choices in between shape our lives, and how we are remembered in death. well this was the result of that Q&A session. you'll have to wait to here more, but i promise it'll be worth it. i also tried some background in this one. i just felt like my sketches seemed a little empty lately. so i 'll work this out so more and go from there.

peace out

Monday, August 4, 2008

Butterflys or is it Butterflies?

Either way, i did some research. butterflies were often used as pariables to describes ones transformation towards Christ. as a catepillar, it crawls about going from day to day, it does so, not knowing it's full potential. until one day it stops spins a cacoon, and emergies into something awesome, and takes flight. i often remember those days, of my own crawling about. until i bacame a buttefly.

peace out

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sheep and people..

i learned that Jesus often compared us to sheep. i also never questioned why. until my patsor broke it,(he watchs a lot animal planet) sheep when they graze have actully been know to walk of the edge of a cliff. fact. why? when they graze the sheep become so fixed with what's in front of them, they are often become oblivious to any danger around them. it's an accurate portrayel of human behavior. that's why, Jesus, is called the "good" shepared. He's their to keep us from danger, if we "choose" to listen.

so here is another charcater design. i experimented with coloring it in photoshop. just spots though. but i'll fool around with brushes, and try to challenge my self. just a distraction form pencils mostly.

peace out

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Welcome to the Show...

I'm back. again. it's one week removed from SDCC and wow. this really was the best show for me ever. and i'm fully energized and ready to get goin'! i set out on a mission and i succesfully accomplished it. out of all the talented people i wanted to meet i did. most of them. and now this is the beginig for my light to shine. let's begin...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

work work work...

naw, this fun...
back in the bricks with another one. this is an old character for me, but i only got to the head. still i think i captured his essence. you'll be seeing more of him later. or the rest....

moving on...
now here's a guy that gave me fits. as a matter o' fact he still is. i haven't quite worked him out, because i don't think i have a real grasp for his character. but i knew he would be a challenge for me, that's why i attempted render him.

now this is what has been grasping most of my time. this is my web comic, that will soon be able to be viewed right here. i've already but together a plot synopsis, and thumbed the first four pages ( more on that later) but this is the start. and i hope you come back to enjoy it with me.

now on with the good news. as we all know SDCC is right around the corner again. i know i will not have a table this year, but i could be bumin' off of my buddies that do. so if any of you are around, please drop me a line, i'd love to meet you, and maybe do a sketch or two.
"let our lives so shine" so others will come to know Him
(Matthew 5:16).
peace out

Sunday, June 8, 2008

doodle if do..doodle if you don't....

see all will be well. i have my priorites in order, got photoshop loaded up on my laptop. and scanned in my doodle's. the first one you'll remember, but the reason i haven't gotten much further on him, besides the obvious on the previous post, well it's kinda hard to show progression, if you can't scan the progress in. so with that, i drew in his musket. yes his musket, pirates had and odd assortment of weapons. defined some of the lines around his head, torso, and right arm. his left i'm not liking. so i think i'll find a good point to light box it, and fix it then.

in the mean time the second doodle is a character i've been avoiding for a while. i simply find him very complex to capture his character, and his features are very challenging from different angles. more on him later...

Jesus replied,"the time has come for the Son of Man to enter into his glory. The truth is, a kernel of wheat must be plantedin the soil. Unless it dies it will be alone-a single seed. But it's death will produce many newkernels-a plentiful harvest of new lives.

john 12:23-24

peace out

Monday, June 2, 2008

Perfect Timing

hello again, i'm back. i'll keep it simple...

1. i'm still out of town and i haven't been home in a little over four weeks. hence no pictorial updates. also working ten hour days, six days a week, can kill drawing time.

2. the little laptop i had, crashed. sent it back to the company to get it fixed, got it back fraiday spent that time til now recovering my passwords.

3. i bought a little scanner($19) so i could update on the road. dummy! my imaging software is at home. still can't post pictorial updates.

4. i'm still alive, and i will be returning home this weekend to make all well to my little blog.

seee simple.

peace out

Sunday, April 13, 2008

On The Horizion...

as promised, here is the latest. but i think it's time to shake things up. i've been working out these characters, and my approach to them, for some weeks now. so now that i'm starting to feel a groove here, as the latest being the exapmle {i like the way it's turning out}, i'm going to try to take them to a "more" completed stage. so i'll start a more transitional series of posts, as opposed to weekly scribbles.

as an artist i can scribble all day, but there comes a time when you reach a so to speak, fork-in-the-road, and go "now what?" for me, it's time to step it up. so i leave you with this...

"...Work hard an become a leader, be lazy and become a slave."

Proverbs 12:24

Monday, April 7, 2008

Somethings missing?

Pictures. i made a vow to myself to update this blog at least once a week. so i feel to whom ever is stumbling by, i owe an explination. you see, i'm not at home. (San Diego) i'm in L.A (Calabasa to be exact) my 9to 5'er has sent me out of town to work up here. so that's partly the reason for the lapse in posts. however i will return to my regular schedule this coming weekend, as i make the trek back down to see my family. so please stay tuned, ( all three of you) until then.

peace out

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Foundations...building on dreams

funny thing about making plans, without a strong foundation it all falls apart. that's why 1) i'm trying to let the Lord lead me in his plans for me. 2) it's why i keep sketching "relevant" characters ( my own) on a weekly basis. let's face it, if i sketched Capt. America and put him on t-shirt, i couldn't sell it and i'd get sued. 3) making plans for increasing my technical skills. and yes school is a pat of that plan. that's just me visualizing a goal, and organizing the steps to get to it. but if theLord willing, it will be so, on a greater level than i could ever imagine.

peace out

Saturday, March 1, 2008

workin' out the kinks

workin' on another character for the web project.... it's slow movin' but work is stealing my time. so we make due, when we can.

Monday, February 18, 2008


God has a strange way of expressing himself. each one of us he holds as precious. his heart is to give us our hearts desire. but when you listen to that, why am i not a professional artist yet? answer: (well there are several, but in this case...) God desires a personal relationship with us, so much, that he doesn't want anything to come between Him and us.

is that a bad thing? no. not if you look at in context. if you love some thing so much that you would give your every waking day to it, i find it easy to "sacrifice" everything else. example, family, friends....what else? God gave me the talent for art, and i don't believe he wants me to hide it. in fact, he's been encouraging me over the years, to use it. i've just haven't been listening...well. my problem is, i become possesive, and selfish when it comes to art. But i love the Lord so much, i told Him i'd rather put my drawing pencil down, then make him second in my life. this makes the fourth time i've picked it back up, since i became a Christian. what has this got to do with anything?

I have a talent, and if i learn my lesson, By putting my faith in Him, that has a greater plan for me, than i had in myself. He will grant the desire of my heart.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


worked out the hand(s). added some more detail to the suit. filled in the background of the capsule.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

old becomes new...

i was cruising the internet and i came across this article at CBR. this guy scott kurtz, whom i've never heard of until now, decided to write this how to book for webcomics. the cool thing, it's a not a book on theroies, but actual 10+ years of "lived" hands on experience. now they bring up some real interesting reasons/facts, that got me thinking, and nudged me towards new possibilties. like this one

..."Also looking backward, as well as forward, the cover of “How To Make Webcomics” depicts a crumpled up newspaper comics sections, and the authors believe that the message behind that is very clear. “Newspaper comics are on a very easily charted trend — straight down,” Guigar said. “Webcomics are on the rise. As we say in the book, the days are gone in which one could earn a living through a publisher or a syndicate that held the keys to the mass market. The Internet busted the bottleneck. The entire world is out there waiting to discover your work and they don’t need a newspaper or a bookstore to do it. The only remaining barrier between you and success is yourself.”

Kellett added, “The sad truth of it is, you show me one newspaper subscriber under 35, and I’ll show you 100,000 that haven’t even picked up a newspaper in a year. Sure, the medium is still viable and profitable for cartoonists who started 10+ years ago, but for young cartoonists hoping to start a career, it’s an industry virtually in its death-throes. Even if you were successfully launched by a syndicate tomorrow, it’s a pyrrhic victory: Who will your readers be when Baby Boomers start losing their eyesight, and stop taking a paper? Readership numbers will only continue to trend downward.

now that's pretty bold, but i've worked hard to break in, and well, i'm still on the outside looking in. ( there are a variety of reasons) but it's not like i can walk into Marvel HQ an fill out an application for artist. now do i think this could be the end all to be all. no. do i think this is the holy grail of web/comics publishing. no. what i think is, by sharing the experience that has brought them some success over the past decade, some one inspired me to rethink and old approach to a dream.

BTW i already pre-ordered the book from amazon.com

Thursday, January 31, 2008

looking back, to go forward..

i don't know what came over me, or where my inspiration has gone. however my fasting is over, and i'm seeing things more clearly. so before the first month of the new year is over let me start by saying...

" May The Lord richly bless you all, because you created you, one and all, and you are all important to him. let not one of you be left behind from his grace."

now let's be creative, and use those gifts.

peace out