Monday, June 2, 2008

Perfect Timing

hello again, i'm back. i'll keep it simple...

1. i'm still out of town and i haven't been home in a little over four weeks. hence no pictorial updates. also working ten hour days, six days a week, can kill drawing time.

2. the little laptop i had, crashed. sent it back to the company to get it fixed, got it back fraiday spent that time til now recovering my passwords.

3. i bought a little scanner($19) so i could update on the road. dummy! my imaging software is at home. still can't post pictorial updates.

4. i'm still alive, and i will be returning home this weekend to make all well to my little blog.

seee simple.

peace out

1 comment:

ShojinStudios said...

Phew thought you got abducted by Aliens! Good to know you're back Arnie!