Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sheep and people..

i learned that Jesus often compared us to sheep. i also never questioned why. until my patsor broke it,(he watchs a lot animal planet) sheep when they graze have actully been know to walk of the edge of a cliff. fact. why? when they graze the sheep become so fixed with what's in front of them, they are often become oblivious to any danger around them. it's an accurate portrayel of human behavior. that's why, Jesus, is called the "good" shepared. He's their to keep us from danger, if we "choose" to listen.

so here is another charcater design. i experimented with coloring it in photoshop. just spots though. but i'll fool around with brushes, and try to challenge my self. just a distraction form pencils mostly.

peace out

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rigodiaz said...

nice designs

great work