Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the style continues

i 'm flirting with a more animated style with this one. i actually envision this becoming an animated series. but that's just Dreaming...for now. and in the meantime i'm becoming comfortable with the use of inks. granted, i have no idea of what i'm doing but, i've got to start some where, and learn at some point.

Merry CHRISTmas

peace out


Delidel said...

hi i just discovered your blog from Alan Tew's blog comments. you've got some solid figure drawing and a great attitude about dreams, success, and faithfulness. best of luck, i'll be checking your shtuff mang.

Pablo Vaquero said...

Hello my name is Pablo Vaquero from Argentina and after vicit this

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arnie said...

hey fellas thanks for the kind words. i'll be keepin' this bolg fresh so you have something to come back for.

peace out

ShojinStudios said...

HAWT DOGGIE! Arnie you just keep getting better, great piece man really! I have to start keeping up with you man!


rico said...

Like this a lot!