Friday, December 19, 2008

90 minute... sorta'

well this didn't take me 90 minutes, but it's the begining of an exercise. i'm going to spend 90 minutes on sketchs/designs from pencil to ink, and whatever it is after time expires, i'm done and i move on to the next sketch. this however is about 20 minutes into the process. so i've got 70 minutes left to put into it. i would have done it in one setting, but it's rather difficult when you have " what cha doin daddy?..." every 5 minutes. and BTW i couldn't scan the whole thing in so when i finish it, it'll be a lot bigger.
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peace out


ShojinStudios said...

WOW that piece is very Barry Windsor-Smith-ish!!! I'm a huge fan of the man, so I specially like this piece GREAT JOB Arnie!

arnie said...

thanks man. you know he was one of my early inspirations. his work on weapon X, and Solar, still resinate in my mind.

peace out