Sunday, March 16, 2008

Foundations...building on dreams

funny thing about making plans, without a strong foundation it all falls apart. that's why 1) i'm trying to let the Lord lead me in his plans for me. 2) it's why i keep sketching "relevant" characters ( my own) on a weekly basis. let's face it, if i sketched Capt. America and put him on t-shirt, i couldn't sell it and i'd get sued. 3) making plans for increasing my technical skills. and yes school is a pat of that plan. that's just me visualizing a goal, and organizing the steps to get to it. but if theLord willing, it will be so, on a greater level than i could ever imagine.

peace out


Manu Martin said...

Hey, I liked your scribbles.. but I was expecting more cleaner and inked artworks.

Hope you post more of your clean and final sketches.

ShojinStudios said...

Know what I really like your art, sketchy and all it adds character and power to the scenes. I particularly like this one, she looks fierce. There's alot to be said about the un connected lines that make up scribbles. They often represent the very essence of a piece. On that note, keep bustin' out these sketches, finished or not they look and feel full of emotion keep it up Arnie!

Jason said...

Hey, Arnie.
I just stumbled across your blog from halfpixel, and am totally impressed with your sketches. Keep up the good work. God has definitely given you a gift. Be encouraged and be of good courage!
God bless.

arnie said...

hey evryone, sorry for being rude with silent treatment and all. i wanted to pop back in here and at least thank you all for your wnderful words of encouragement.

just to keep everyone in the loop, these sketches are rough, but they are a begining to something greater. i'm working out the kinks.

so to manu thanks, i'll what's to come will keep you intriuged.

ShojinStudios, well need i say i know you always got my back.

and Jason thanks for stumbling in. and may thr kepp you and yours.

peace out