Monday, February 18, 2008


God has a strange way of expressing himself. each one of us he holds as precious. his heart is to give us our hearts desire. but when you listen to that, why am i not a professional artist yet? answer: (well there are several, but in this case...) God desires a personal relationship with us, so much, that he doesn't want anything to come between Him and us.

is that a bad thing? no. not if you look at in context. if you love some thing so much that you would give your every waking day to it, i find it easy to "sacrifice" everything else. example, family, friends....what else? God gave me the talent for art, and i don't believe he wants me to hide it. in fact, he's been encouraging me over the years, to use it. i've just haven't been listening...well. my problem is, i become possesive, and selfish when it comes to art. But i love the Lord so much, i told Him i'd rather put my drawing pencil down, then make him second in my life. this makes the fourth time i've picked it back up, since i became a Christian. what has this got to do with anything?

I have a talent, and if i learn my lesson, By putting my faith in Him, that has a greater plan for me, than i had in myself. He will grant the desire of my heart.

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ShojinStudios said...

WOOOO WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Now you're getting it Arnie. You have an amazing talent man, The Lord doesn't want you hiding it, look at Moses, Jonah, Joseph, Daniel, the list goes on. From these pencils alone I can see you are surely destined from something GREAT, You just have to see it, but not thru your fleshly eyes but through His. I'm glad you're Rollin', just don't stop.