Thursday, November 12, 2009

Faction Siging....!!!

That was definately awesome. Southern California Comics is the supreme gem when looking for a place to buy comics. it sets a standard that i will measure all shops from now on. Jamie, (the owner) welcomed us with open arms from the jump. he's a guy that encourages creators to participate in more endevors like this. and i couldn't agree more.

i also was finally a great honor to finally meet Michael "Hammer" Hamersky in person. he was also kind enough to post us up on his blog ComicBookCollectorsBlog, thanks again Michael. and speking of meetings, can you believe after six months of texting, emails, and phone calls, this is actualy the first time Erik and i have met face to face. yeah. in this age of the of technilogy, it's more common, but we only live less than an hour away from one another. but hey we got to get a good handle for one another, i just think email can be so impersonal sometimes, and the one on one interaction between another human can be lost. we weer actually were supposed to meet at SDCC, but i was knee deep in work and projects, so it couldn't be helped.

however thanks to eveyone that chatted with us, and even bought a book or two. i hope to see you all agin soon. and please, tell a friend.

peace out


rafael said...

Brother, I am so proud of you! Tell me how to get a copy, please...

arnie said...

Raf the place to go is

that is until we get the store up.