Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Working Back...

at being lazy. i hate my job sometimes. but i like paying my bills. been trying to get mt stuff together, but it's been murder. but i finally got a break and was able to hook up with some friends, get out of the house, and just draw. friends you say? yes Deth and Fig, who i just call josh, and D. hit me up and asked if i'd like to join them for a few hours at starbucks and draw. it's something we talked about at the 2007 SDCC, but i never was around for it. (work again) however Josh and D have been hitting it off in my absense, and the duo has become a trio. hopefully it could become a full on art jam here in SDCC city. so until we can hook up again i had a great time, and i must thank D for rockin' the "art rock star" look, and gettin us some free latte's YEA!!! and even if they don't know, the awesome ladys at Satrbucks for hookin' up the pastries. thanks again ladies. and to Josh for trackin' me down and never stop fightin' for the dream.

Faction, fianlly i've been able to get things right and start gettin'g back into these characters. as any artist knows, on, off, on, off, and on again is akiller for creative juices. and that's where i'v been. i needed some stability and i got it back, today. and i was able to crank this out.
this is Zephan, one of the "Enlightened Knights" of Faction. i could ramble on about who he is and what he does, but you'd be better served going to his, as well as my new home,, to get the details. and while your there harass Erik. he likes it. lol

now let me show you some scribbles of book one.

enjoy and see you soon .
peace out


Josh said...

Dude, take that picture of me down.....or just crop me out of it. I look like sh!t.


arnie said...

you can not tell a lie sir. however thaose are the breaks of the Hazard Corner.

peace out