Sunday, August 9, 2009

Faction: Dreaming in reality....

WOW it's here. in the flesh and living.So to everyone that shown such great support for Faction, THANK YOU!
i always wondered what it would be like to have people reviewing your work, and actually buying it. and now i have both. a very big concern of mine, of how people would recieve what i do. looking at it from my perspective, i'm my own worst critic, but what artist isn't.
but it's out there, for all the world to see, with all it's great points and it's flaws. and i'm pleased. because i've finally gotten over a hump i'd only Dreamed about. but it wasn't without a lot of "helpful" nudging form Erik.

Now on with real deal, check what people are saying about it, and if you can show you love and vote with your wallet. because that's the only to win round 4 of SPI. and before you leave, tell somebody else. and ask them, including yourself, "is this a book you would want to see on the comic shelf?"

$2 for the PDF download and $3.50 for the printed version.


OR go to your local comic book store and give them the below retailer information, explaining that you want them to carry the book and, well, hopefully they will! Make sure they place their orders ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 31st!

RETAILERS - There are two ways to get copies to your store.
1. Order from Haven directly by going to, sign up, send a mail to Haven requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction to order. All orders must be turned in for Faction on or before AUGUST 31st! Issues will deliver in September.
2. Order from DimeStore directly by going to, sign up, send an email to DimeStore requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction DSP-I09-F0. Issues will deliver in September.

Also visit faction at,
or visit Erik at

peace out


TheLastBard said...

Nudge nudge! Ha ha... The important thing is getting over those early setbacks, you know? Clean slate from now and we also know that people are looking forward to what's next! Wahoo!

rafael said...

Mr. Gordon; I knew you had it in you! Very nice work indeed; I saw some pages on comicrelated. I'll be downloading this bad boy when I get home!

snif snif... I'm so proud... now, about The Red Death... :D

arnie said...

erik you are correct, it's important to learn from one's mistakes.

peace out

arnie said...

raf thank you sir!! i had to grow up a bit, to get to this point, but i've still got a ways to go. and most importantly that you for supporting faction!! and i haven't forgotten i still owe you...i still have the script.

peace out

Anonymous said...
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