Monday, June 8, 2009

Breakin' it Down

I've neglected my little Blog, and i still can't find eric canete's either. but i have founf the the lord is far more infanitley wise than myself. and has made provision in these hard times. but i've lead a blessed life and it seems his plan for me is unfoldong before our eyes....

so, in my absense, i've been deeply involved in the 3rd round of the Small Press Idol contest. and it appears Faction, Erik and myself, are looking to have made it into the 4th round. but it's not over yet. the 4th round is all about "SALES", yup if you want see it published, then it's a vote with your wallet round. now the voting polls are closed. but you can still keep us bookmarked, as we post our updates as we move into the next round. the site for faction is were we'll have all the compiled story and characters available. but for now i'm going to post the Page 7 progression from thumb to finish.

and later check back for all the commentary Erik and i had, for a panel by panel break down of Faction. enjoy.

peace out

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