Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Small Press Idol, round 4!!!!

We are in there!

Thanks to all the supporters, and votes, Faction was catipulted into round 4 of the SPI contest. which means we'll be back to compete for the Title, the $$, and the Publishing deal. well read for yourself;

ROUND FOUR: Origin or #0 issue. Deadline: July 15th. This is where we bring everything home. The complete 12 page B+W (Grayscaled) story will be due, the finished COVER art, in CMYK color, with a LOGO for the series, will be compiled with all the other preliminary sketches and writings, into a special IDOL VOTE #0 issue of the title (so it would be Joe's Comic Idol Vote #0, and Jane's Comic Idol Vote #0, etc) - and the WINNER will be the title that sells the best. We will determine the standings in a number of ways, as we are selling the issues in new ways this year. Each person that orders one or more copies will be counted. Each Retailer that orders copies either Through Haven Distribution, or through a contestant (Dimestore has made an exclusive deal with Haven for the Idol #0's this year, and retailers will be asked to order through them if they contact us direct - however, as individual team members can order copies at 50%, if they are doing the leg work to a local store that does NOT order through Haven directly, can set that up with us and it will count), will be counted. AND, the Total Number of Copies Sold, whether to individuals or retailers, will be totaled. These 3 numbers will then be AVERAGED for a points score. Winner gets the Grand Prize.

Voting be announced and run for the time period from when the books are solicited through Haven, till we get the orders back in from them. It is our intention to get progress reports along the way on sales from Haven so we can reflect them in standings

so stay posted here, as well as these links for updates, leading up to Round 4, on july 15th;
Faction home
SPI at Dimestore

peace out

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