Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just doin' it

if you don't know how to ink, it will show. so i'm learning on the job. never let it be said that i have skill with a pen. it's a skill i've been neglecting for some time. it takes time to become adiquate with it, much more to be proficient. with advent of the digital age, and the WACOM, it seems to be a diminishing artform. which is why i choose to learn on pen a paper, and then translate those skills to WACOM. digital makes it easier, not a better artist. i've learned, and seen, that someone that cannot draw the human form, will only turn out a well rendered/painted poorly drawn human form, illustration.

so rather than take a short cut, and there are none, i cut my teeth at learning with pen and paper, to enhance what i will be able to do with WACOM. for now, i'm content to make mistakes, and learn from them.

peace out

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