Monday, May 4, 2009

21st century is here

My first wacom!

i've used one before, a graphire, but it was a friends, so that one doesn't count. now that i have one, i don't know how i got along without one for so long. i'd speculate to say, drawing was only a hobby, not so long ago. and having one was luxury. but now with a new vision, drive and ambition to make this hobby a serious career, it was time. now to most not so big a deal, but do remeber the first time wacom came into your life? yeah, it's like that for me. and i don't think it'll be the same again.....

also, the sketchs are on hiatus for now. as i'm collaborating on developing a new project, and doing character designs for another. so i'll try to entertain with some old sketchs that i refreshed with wacom. so inks, color...whater comes down the pike.

well gotta get back to drawin'. i'll post the next installment of L&J this wednesday, and a few other things, between now and then.

peace out

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ShojinStudios said...

HAHA! welcome to the wacom evolution!!