Sunday, April 12, 2009

90_ minute sessions

where are my manners. i tied up and let things slide. here are doodles i was working on. no they didn't actually take me 90 minutes, but this is what i produced "in " that session. the i fell asleep. enjoy.
also it's Easter!! or Resurection day. the day jesus said he would rise from the dead. most people don't believe that, and i myself was among them. but consider these three things
1) the jewish leaders of the temple, paid the roman guards to make up a story, and tell everyone his disciples stole the body while they were asleep. the temple leaders needed Jesus to stay dead, so the people would not believe he was The Messiah.

2) the romans needed Jesus to stay dead, so as not to cause another uprising form the Jewish leaders. pauchus piolt's head would have been on a silver platter, before ceasar, if this had happed.

3) the disciples did not have the influence, money, or moitive to remove Jesus's body from the tomb. even if they had taken it, the rewards were a life of persicution, and death by tourture.

but they all agree on one thing, "the tomb was empty". to this day, no know has ever presented any type of evidence of his body. i wonder why?
but wheter you believe me or not, is cool. i just want to encourage you to find that person that does go to church, or that certain someoe that's been prying for you ,or even give the going to church another chance, maybe you need to find another church, i don't know. my point is if you have questions find some one or somehwere, to ask them.

happy resurecction day.
peace out

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ShojinStudios said...

Uber sweet! great pieces Arnie!