Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a dream that was

Query? when does a dream die? answer; when you give up.

i don't know when i started this, or when i got the idea that i could draw as a career. what i do know is nothing mattered when i sat down and set pencil to paper. i tossed friendships aside for it, almost didn't graduate highschool, and i never could get my head out of the clouds. it was all about the art... nothing else mattered, nothing.

then life came in, it hit hard, and i was completly unprepare for it. no matter how many times i locked myself away in my room, i couldn't draw away the harsh reality of life. should've listened to mom. stayed in school, got a degree in art school, went onto a successul career in art. right?no... i found out what girls were for, fell in love, got married, and spent the next decade and a half, bouncing from job to job.
and guess what? evryone i know in art has a career in art of some kind. me? doing things the hard way. but still...the dream lives.
peace out


ShojinStudios said...

Arnie!! cool i finally get to see some of your work!!!! YAY!! Dude you better not ever think of quitting I almost did and spent some time catching up and i can only thank the LORD I'm still doing this, WHY because I was meant to do this, It's my calling and it's yours too. You got too much talent in you to quit, stop wallowing and pick up that sketchbook. Put up a web comic panel a day. Check this cat out he's doing it why cant you?
Dude don't give up, This is what you were meant to do you know it I know it and most important of all GOD knows it otherwise why would he have given you such a gift. Use it. I better see some new art, web comic, something and remember I was in your same boat bout 5 years ago. So I know exactly where you are coming from. Luv ya!

Craig Zablo said...

Very cool piece!

arnie said...

ShojinStudios- hey it ain't over yet. be blessed

Craig Zablo- hey thanks. but please don't read to much into it, i'm still learning, new things.

sorry for the delayed response, i'm new at this too.

peace out