Monday, March 2, 2009

Great Homecoming....?

I'm back. actually i've been back from Quincy Washington for a few weeks now. but what has that burnt out hulk do with my return? and where are the pictures? first things first, that van was my vehichle in wich i drove to work everyday. once more it caught on fire the following day i got off the plane. also i happened to be in it, driving to work, when it caught on fire. i'm fine, as a matter of fact better than fine , i'm doing great. you see, i believe the Lord has his hand in everything and that burnt hulk of what was my van, is proof of that.

my van had some problems, but fixable ones. i had a every good intention of putting it in the shop to address the major ones, upoun my return. but seem to have a relaible excuse as to put it off for another time. alas the Lord works his will though my choices. you see i was going to be content with what i had, trying to not be envious of what others had. but thanking God for what i have, and reminding myself, " i just need to take better care of it". so as time past, the conditions set themselves in motion for for what you see above.

the Bible teaches " die for Christ, is to live..." ad as that one died, i found new life in my new one. get this this will blow your mind. but for those who know, this is the how the Lord works. the van was written off a s a total loss by my insurance company, (Duh). but in the meantime, i was given a rental so i could keep going to work. at first they gave me a Chevy HHR, but the next day i returned it because it a had a screw in the tire. so i ended up getting the newer chrome pimped out version for the rest of the time i had it. thanks Lord. so i leaned on him to lead me to decide what should i get next. when i got home from work that day, my wife says " we should just get another van" bingo, thanks Lord. it so happens when it was all said and done, we found the exact same van, with 100,000 less miles on it, than my old one. with none of the mechanical problems. and the price of the van was virtually the same amount as the the insurance claim check, give or a taka a couple of hundread bucks. thanks Lord. i couldn't be more happier with results. even if the Lord has a strange way of showing his love.

now taht i'm reaching normal again, pics will follow...
remember the love of Jesus is for everyone..

peace out


ShojinStudios said...

Ain't it the TRUTH!! HAHA! I'm glad you are experiencing these small challenges in life Arnie! Not because they will bring you down but because I believe it's making you stronger! You are right The Lord has some funny but yet very inventive ways of challenging the dead man in us all. I'm glad the New you rose up! Keep at it bro, more great challenges await, stay true to the path, Stay blessed!

Len Diggity said...

You have great posts. Awesome art and inspiring stories. Keep em coming!

Cheeks said...

yo... that's pretty crazy, man. i hope all's looked up since then.