Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Upping my Game

This is a term that can have a few mening, the one i'm concerned about is my skill level with my art. In my efforts to surround myself with more artistic influences i found that there are great deal of artists, whom i admire, are virtually non-existant on the web, or the updates of their work on line is so infrequent, that i often forget they are there.
So of the artists that i did find are phenomenal. i man their work is so well crafted that's it's easy to see why they are working professionally. And that's when it hit me, i needed to"Up my Game". The render below is of "Matt Damon", i seriously question the likeness, and even the composition, but that wasn't the point. The effort below was attempt to recall the skills of rendering, proportions, and basic composition. all skills that will aid in any effort no matter what type of illustration you do. Now this version took i think about 45 minutes, maybe but you can see fro the results i hope i'm headed in the right direction.

peace out



its lookin good man! I'm trying to up my game all the time, i know the feeling. keep up the good work!

Joh James said...

Great work upping the ante, Arnie! You're cranking out some cool stuff. Keep pushing the boundaries of the craft, as uncomfortable and all consuming as it may seem. Most of all, hold on to the faith. In the darkest of times, even when the ego exerts itself firmly on your core, stay true to your course. Irregardless of others 'common sense' approach to life and success. The profound truth: the journey IS it's own reward. If you can make your peace with that you're already there. Cheers, brother.